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Profile: Thesp68

Location Reading
Age 44
Occupation Local Government Officer


Music I have a wide taste in music- catholic - I love a good mass! ; ) I like some pop (not usually from today but there are exceptions), jazz, classical, showtunes
Film I enjoy watching films but I don't go to the cinema very often. I did attend the Premiere of Fright Night - which was great fun!
Literature I do like reading but I don't read much, I know I should! I tried reading some Oscar Wilde, but as one sentence was a complete paragraph(!) I gave up quite fast... I will try again one day.
Art I love a lot of art, but some modern stuff passes me by! That said, I do love some modern sculpture - once, an Elizabeth Frink head made me almost cry. On the other end of the timescale a Rembrant (one of his self-portraits as an old man) also reduced me to tears.
Other Drama - I LOVE acting! I'm just waiting to hear about an audition at the local theatre company to which I belong...


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