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Artsline, 6 July 2011, 23:21

WHEN: 28th July 2011, 9.30am – 5pm


WHERE: Business Development Centre, 7-15 Greatorex Street, London E1 5NF


WHO: Independent record labels, Musicians, Managers, Publishers, Agents etc


COST: £150


In just one day, learn all about digital music marketing from those leading the way. Get inside the


minds of the experts and discover the best way to get your music to your buyers and fans.


This intensive, full-day workshop leaves you feeling confident about everything from websites, social


networking and CRM [you won’t be saying “what’s that?” when you finish this course] to campaigning, distribution and more!


Trainers for this course will be Music Ally who are leading the way in this field.






Introductions and objective setting


Digital jargon buster: An interactive session to explore the terminology of digital and digital




Everything you need to know about your website: Understanding the basics of what you need


to build a website, easy to use tools like Wordpress and other content management systems, the


basics of search engine optimisation, and the basics of integrating social media into your site.


*30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of discussion time interwoven


Social networking, focus on Facebook and Twitter: Overview of how social networks have


developed and why people use social networks, leading into the differences in profiles/groups/pages/events in Facebook and how to harness users on FB, then finally looking at the Twitter phenomenon and the various music mashups and widgets that exist and what they can do for artist promotion.


*30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of discussion time interwoven


The digital marketing game: Delegates are given a number of fictitious artist case studies and


a set of various digital tools with which to construct appropriate digital campaigns.


12.45 Lunch


The basics of CRM: The do’s and don’ts of email marketing for music companies and an


overview of the tools available.


*30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of discussion time interwoven


Inspirational campaigns from the music industry.


15.15 Coffee Break


Retail: this section will first examine the different types of retail business models (a la carte,


subscription, variable pricing, hybrids, etc). It will then move on to demonstrating and discussing


different retail locations (like iTunes, Amie Street, and Spotify) and noting down the individual specs


as well as pros and cons of each.


*30 minutes of pure presentation


Distributors: This section will deal with the digital distributors who are necessary to get music


into the retail locations discussed in the morning. We will examine both who they are and the types of deal structures one is likely to face with distributors (flat fees, revenue share, how much does each take etc). We will also briefly discuss mobile distributors.


*30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of discussion time interwoven


16.45 End




The leading digital music business information and strategy company, Music Ally,


has been providing publications, consulting, research, events and training to the music and


technology industries since 2001.


Music Ally's executives come from a genuine music business background, from the sharp end of the


major label recording and publishing worlds through to digital business strategy, licensing and retail.


It's why Music Ally has been quoted by every news source from the BBC to the Sydney Morning


Herald, CNN and the Financial Times. It’s why our client list covers every important player in the


digital music scene from AOL to Yahoo. It's why brands such as Tesco, Orange, and the BBC rely on


Music Ally for digital music consumer research. It's why key organisations such as the Guardian,


British Music Rights and Deloitte have sponsored our must-attend networking events; and it’s why


Universal Music and EMI look to Music Ally for internal training.


And, in short, why no-one knows digital music like Music Ally.




CIDA, the Cultural Industries Development Agency, is the leading support organisation for the


creative and cultural sector.


CIDA helps thousands of creative individuals, businesses and arts organisations by providing


information, business support, professional development training, networking & showcasing


opportunities and by comissioning new work.


If you're a creative individual, business or arts organisation, CIDA can offer you practical support.


Our website and regular e:bulletin keep people and businesses up to date with the


latest creative opportunities and events.


Business support & professional development
Our training sessions offer practical guidance


from specialist advisers and industry experts.


Networking & showcasing opportunities
Our events bring creative professionals together to


share knowledge, build contacts and get their work to new audiences and markets.


Cultural production & commissioning
Our commitment to nurturing, commissioning and


developing talent is borne out through our emerging partnerships with leading organisations such as


the East London Design Show, London Metropolitan University and BBC London.

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