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Artsline, 12 April 2011, 15:26

When we can laugh about life, then we can change it for the better!
World Premiere - by DR.BOB BOLAND & Team
May 25th - June 1st – evenings at 7.30 p.m.
By the Resident Theatre Company at the  ‘Lord Stanley Pub’
with lovely pre-theatre dining facilities.
CONTACTS: Tel: 07966 597190/ Email:
51, Camden Park Rd, Off Camden Road, London, NW1 9BH
Bus: 390 (from Oxford St and King’s Cross)
 - stops in front of the ‘Lord Stanley’
Bus 29 (Trafalgar Sq to & from Wood green St) - 3 min by walk
Bus 253 (Euston St to & from Hackney Central St) - 3 min by walk
Tube: Camden Town - 10 min. By walk or take bus 29/253
Caledonian Rd - 10 min by walk
 Rail: Camden Rd - 8 min. By walk
Walter - 60 year old ex American Evangelist. Intellectual. Deep believer. Gentle. Professor of Philosophy. Preacher. Devoted to wife but worried. Absorbed in writing a book on the meaning of life taking over two years. Too long!  Strong Character, in control of his environment, used to giving advice; a good listener, intellectual, curious about others.
Lucie - 50 year old psychologist. Devoted wife of Walter. Believer. Experienced in social service dealing with family problems . Gentle. Kind. Loving. Anxious to do what is right. Exhausted by the unfinished book! Passive caring character.
Douglas - 80 year old English accountant turned medical doctor. Dominant character. Humorous but a bit cynical after success in business, university and UN. Now feeling Alzheimer loss of memory, hearing and eyesight. Still trying to “achieve the impossible”. Fear of a handicapped life. Devoted to younger French wife and family. Laughs with English humour, which is not appreciated by the others.
Eliza - 60 year old French wife of Douglas, medical doctor. Highly intelligent. Confident and humorous. Traditional French cultural family background of rigid rules of behavior and conformity to social norms. Successful UN career in reproductive health worldwide. A wonderful manager and cook. Easily angry with unacceptable social behavior. English humor not appreciated.  
Sam - 70 year old English Oxford MBA ex CEO of a major company with years of experience in the Middle East. Wealthy. Formerly very dominant, with strong views on everything. Now humble and obedient to his second wife, Victoria, who loves him. Intelligent and highly, creative but now feeling a bit old and tired.
Victoria - 50 year old very tough Australian wife of Sam. Highly dominant. Successful radiological equipment expert with so many years of Middle East experience. Frank and open in the Australian style. Definite fixed views on life and people and everything. Manages and controls Sam so well, in a way that satisfies all of his needs in a very happy marriage. 
Patrick – a 40 year Irish neighbor. Nurse. Ex-IRA. A bit aggressive. In deep depression due to the sudden death of his wife. Possible alcoholic with Guinness. Hates the neighbors who criticized his bad garden practices. Feeling lonely, lost and almost suicidal.

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