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News: STAGETEXT Performance Diary

Artsline, 2 July 2010, 19:27

July 2010
ADELPHI THEATRE                                                                                       Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 0844 412 4648 F: 0207 087 7771 or E:
Love Never Dies – Wednesday 8 September, 2.30pm, and 7.30pm
Love Never Dies continues the story of The Phantom, who has moved from his lair in the Paris Opera House to haunt the fairgrounds of Coney Island, far across the Atlantic. Set 10 years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from Paris, this show is a rollercoaster ride of obsession and which music and memory can play cruel tricks...and The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, Love Never Dies. Seats for viewing the captions are in the Dress Circle.
ALDWYCH THEATRE                                                                                    Captioned by STAGETEXT
T:020 7379 3367  Minicom: 020 7240 9660  F: 020 7379 5776
Dirty Dancing – Wednesday 13 October, 7.30pm
Seen by millions across the globe this worldwide smash-hit tells the classic story of Baby and Johnny, two fiercely independent young spirits from different worlds, who come together in what will be the most challenging and triumphant summer of their lives. Featuring 35 hit songs, including the heart stopping I’ve Had The Time Of My Life.Don’t miss your chance to see this truly spectacular musical theatre event. You’ll have the time of your life.
ALMEIDA THEATRE                                                                                                  Captioned in-house
T: 020 7288 4999 E:
Through a Glass Darkly – Saturday 10 July, 3pm, and Tuesday 20 July, 7.30pm
Karin is a young wife, an older sister and an only daughter. Her kaleidoscopic interior world is a constantly changing picture where the boundaries between the everyday and the holy defy distinction.
Karin’s family have taken her on a recuperative holiday. On a bleakly beautiful island where their relationships become increasingly entangled, as the three most important men in her life prove increasingly incapable of helping to cure her, Karin decides to take control of her own destiny.
Cast includes Ruth Wilson.
APOLLO, VICTORIA                                                                                      Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 020 7828 7074 E:
Wicked – Friday 10 September, 7.30pm, and Saturday 11 September, 2.30pm
Wicked tells the untold story of the legendary witches from L. Frank Baum’s classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Wicked brings to life the captivating, surprising tale of how a misunderstood, green girl named Elphaba became ‘wicked’ but her unlikely friend, Glinda, became ‘good.’ Seats for the captioned performances are £30.
BARBICAN THEATRE                                                                                    Captioned by STAGETEXT
T:  0845 120 7511  Textphone: 020 7382 7297  E:
Nevermore – Saturday 10 July, 2.30pm
Showcasing the Gothic dreamscape of Poe’s life, this whimsical production is at once playful and perverse, brutal and heartfelt, beautiful and enthralling. Characterised by its striking visuals, heightened physical performances, evocative text and sinister music, Nevermore is homage to an iconic misfit whose work has developed a cult following.  A musical fable for adults.
Les Misérables – Saturday 25th September, 2.30pm
Cameron Mackintosh presents a brand new 25th anniversary production of Boublil & Schönberg's legendary musical, Les Misérables, with glorious new staging and spectacular re-imagined scenery inspired by the paintings of Victor Hugo.
Black Watch – Tuesday 21 December, 7.45pm
This exhilarating production, viewed through the eyes of soldiers, exposes the emotions and true meaning of companionship for members of the legendary Scottish regiment. With a stark frankness that lingers long after you leave the auditorium; this uncompromising performance journeys from a pool room in Fife to the bleak reality of an armoured vehicle on the front line in Iraq.
DONMAR WAREHOUSE, COVENT GARDEN                                              Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 020 7845 5822 E:
The Late Middle Classes – Thursday 1 July, 7.30pm
Celia is bored to distraction; Charles is obsessed with his work; and their son is having his first lessons in music and in life. Simon Gray’s funny, melancholic and captivating play about a young boy trapped between two types of oppressive love reveals the frustration, secrets and guilt of middle-class respectability in 1950s England.
GATE THEATRE                                                                                                         Captioned in-house
T: Box Office 0207 229 0706 E:
Lulu – Thursday 8 July, 7.30pm
Initially banned for its perceived immorality, Lulufollows the fortunes and ultimate tragedy of a young woman, a femme-fatale, who skips from one husband to the next leaving a trail of broken hearts and broken bodies in her wake. There will be a post show discussion with speech-to-text transcription.
How to be an Other Woman – Thursday 16 September, 7.30pm
Following the sell-out success of The Kreutzer Sonata, Natalie Abrahami directs a new stage adaptation of Lorrie Moore’s remarkable ‘How To’ short story; a new piece about love, ambition and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. There will be a post show discussion with speech-to-text transcription.
Joseph K – Thursday 9 December, 7.30pm
On the morning of his 30th birthday, Joseph K wakes to find he’s been arrested. He has no idea what he’s done wrong but he’s determined to clear his name. As he tries to make sense of his situation, and to out-manoeuvre the authorities who threaten his freedom, Joseph K is brought face to face with the dark heart of the terror state. There will be a post show discussion with speech-to-text transcription.
HAMPSTEAD THEATRE, SWISS COTTAGE                                                Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 020 7722 9301 E:
Salome – Tuesday 13 July, 7.30pm
The savage power of ancient myth collides with twentieth century decadence in Oscar Wilde’s astonishing verse tragedy. Salome, step-daughter of King Herod, agrees to perform the mysterious dance of the seven veils but demands in return the head of the King’s most infamous prisoner. The head of John the Baptist. It is fragile, savage and shimmeringly beautiful, rendered in exquisite poetry and unforgettable theatrical images. There will be a post-show talk with speech-to-text transcription.
The House of Bilquis Bibi – Tuesday 10 August, 7.30pm
It is uncomfortably hot in Jhang. Among the mango groves and orchards lies The House of Bilquis Bibi. With her husband gone, Bilquis must uphold her family’s honour at all costs – the fates of five unmarried daughters lie in her hands. Her solution: to marry off eldest daughter Abida to their cousin Pappo. Bilquis turns a blind eye to the illicit nightly visits Pappo pays to his fiancée’s balcony. But she slowly realises that more than one daughter is staying awake for him, the temperature in the house rises and a tragedy unfolds.  There will be a post-show talk with speech-to-text transcription.
HER MAJESTY’S THEATRE, HAYMARKET                                                 Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 0844 482 5165 E: F: 020 7766 2148
Phantom of the Opera – Saturday 24 July, 2.30pm
With some of the most lavish sets, costumes and special effects ever to have been created for the stage, The Phantom of The Opera is a haunting musical which traces the tragic love story of a beautiful opera and a young composer shamed by his physical appearance.
LYCEUM THEATRE                                                                                        Captioned by STAGETEXT
Please see the booking details below
The Lion King – Saturday 5 June, 2.00pm
Seen by over 25 million people across four continents, Disney’s award-winning musical The Lion King transports audiences to a dazzling world that explodes with glorious colours of the Serengeti Plains. Stunning effects and the evocative rhythms of Africa. The result is a visual feast beyond the boundaries of imagination.
To book tickets for the captioned performance of The Lion King please print and complete the booking form which can be downloaded from our website and fax it to 020 7845 0999. Or post it to: Disney Group Bookings, Lyceum Theatre, 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7RQ.

Alternatively, you may hand in your completed booking form to the Lyceum Theatre Box Office,
marked for the attention of Disney Group Bookings. Your tickets will be mailed to you in due course.
NATIONAL THEATRE, SOUTH BANK                                                          Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 020 7452 3000 F: 020 7452 3030
Earthquakes in London – Thursday 9 September, 7.30pm
Earthquakes in London a new play by Mike Bartlett.
Burlesque strip shows, bad dreams, social breakdown, population explosion, worldwide paranoia. A fast and furious metropolitan crash of people, scenes and decades, as three sisters attempt to navigate their dislocated lives and loves, while their dysfunctional father, a brilliant scientist, predicts global catastrophe. An all-pervasive fear of the future and a guilty pleasure in the excesses of the present drive Mike Bartlett’s epic rollercoaster of a play from 1968 to 2525 and back again.
Or You Could Kiss Me – Tuesday 19 October, 7.30pm
Or You Could Kiss Me a new play by Neil Bartlett and Handspring Puppet Company.
Neil Bartlett returns to the National in collaboration with the War Horse team of Handspring Puppet Company and designer Rae Smith to create this fierce and tender meditation on love, memory and the power of the unspoken. Using a bare stage, a handful of domestic props and the astonishing puppetry that is Handspring’s trademark, Or You Could Kiss Me is an intimate history of two very private lives, lived in extraordinary times.
Love the Sinner – Thursday 8 July, 7.30pm
An international group of church leaders converge in an African hotel to contend the need for Christian doctrine to change with the times. Fierce theological debate demonstrates that what’s current thinking on one continent is abhorrent to another. In a neighbouring room, a brief sexual encounter between Joseph, a local porter, and Michael, a British conference volunteer, leads to a direct and potent challenge both to Michael as he returns to England to grapple with ethics of his own, and to the liberal claims and professed compassion of the affluent West and its church. Drew Pautz’s tense and provocative new play considers what we may be willing to sacrifice, personally and in the public sphere, for what we believe to be right. Tickets £15, plus companion at same price.
After the Dance – Wednesday 28 July, 7.30pm
As the world races towards catastrophe, a crowd of Mayfair socialites party their way to oblivion. At its centre is David, who idles away his sober moments researching a futile book until the beautiful Helen decides to save him, shattering his marriage and learning too late the depth of both David’s indolence and his wife’s undeclared love. But with finances about to crash and humanity on the brink of global conflict, the drink keeps flowing and the revellers dance on.
First staged in 1939, the play now often thought to be Terence Rattigan’s masterpiece offers a subtle, witty unmasking of the hedonistic 20s generation and a devastating study of repression and the human heart. Tickets £15, plus companion at same price.
The Habit of Art – Tuesday 21 September, 2.15pm
Benjamin Britten, sailing uncomfortably close to the wind with his new opera, Death in Venice, seeks advice from his former collaborator and friend, W H Auden. Alan Bennett’s new play reflects on growing old, on creativity and inspiration, and on persisting when all passion’s spent: ultimately, on the habit of art.
Blood and Gifts – Thursday 7 October, 7.30pm
Blood and Gifts a new play by J T Rogers.
1981. As the Soviet army burns its way through Afghanistan and toward the critical Pakistani border, CIA operative Jim Warnock is sent to try and halt its bloody progress. Joining forces with a larger than life Afghan warlord, and with the Pakistani and British secret services, Jim spearheads the covert struggle. From the author of The Overwhelming (NT 2006) comes an epic political thriller, shot through with mad humour, that sweeps from refugee camps to mountainous tribal regions to the corridors of power in Washington DC.
Welcome to Thebes – Monday 9 August, 7.30pm and Sunday 5 September, 2.30pm
Faced with an impoverished population, a shattered infrastructure and a volatile army, the first democratic president of Thebes, Eurydice, promises peace to her nation. Without the aid of Theseus, the leader of the vastly wealthy state of Athens, she doesn’t stand a chance. But Theseus is arrogant, mercurial and motivated by profit. A swaggering opposition circles, impatient for insurrection. The body of the former dictator lies unburied. A boy soldier is carelessly murdered. Set in the present day, but inspired by an ancient myth, Moira Buffini’s Welcome to Thebes offers a passionate exploration of an encounter between the world’s richest and poorest countries in the aftermath of a brutal war. Tickets £10.
Danton’s Death – Saturday 14 August, 2pm
1794: the French Revolution reaches its climax. After a series of bloody purges the life-loving, volatile Danton is tormented by his part in the killing. His political rival, the driven, ascetic Robespierre, decides Danton’s fate. A titanic struggle begins. Once friends who wanted to change the world, now one stands for compromise, the other for ideological purity as the guillotine awaits.
A revolutionary himself, Georg Büchner was 21 when he wrote the play in 1835, while hiding from the police. With its hair-raising rush of scenes and vivid dramatisation of complex, visionary characters, Danton’s Death has a claim to be the greatest political tragedy ever written. Howard Brenton captures Büchner’s exhilarating energy as Danton struggles to avoid his inexorable fall.Tickets £10.
Hamlet – Wednesday 27 October, 7pm
Following his celebrated performances at the National in Burnt by the Sun, The Revenger's Tragedy, Philistines and The Man of Mode, Rory Kinnear plays Hamlet. He is joined by Clare Higgins (Gertrude), Patrick Malahide (Claudius), David Calder (Polonius), James Laurenson (Ghost/Player King) and Ruth Negga (Ophelia).
NEW LONDON THEATRE                                                                              Captioned by STAGETEXT
T:  020 7452 3000 E:
War Horse in the West End – Saturday 3 July, 2.30pm (SOLD OUT) Saturday 27 November, 2.30pm
Based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford, the National Theatre’s award-winning production continues its record-breaking run at the New London Theatre. Actors, working with astonishing life-sized puppets, take audiences on an unforgettable journey through history. Tickets £25, plus companion at same price.
OLD VIC THEATRE                                                                                                    Captioned in-house
T:  0871 297 5477 E:
The Tempest – Thursday 22 July, 7.30pm
Sam Mendes returns to direct year two of The Bridge Project, with another stellar transatlantic line-up including Michelle Beck, Christian Camargo, Ron Cephas Jones, Stephen Dillane, Juliet Rylance and Thomas Sadoski in an intriguing pairing of Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy As You Like It and his late masterpiece The Tempest.
As You Like It – Saturday 31 July, 2.00pm
Sam Mendes returns to direct Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy As You Like It and his late masterpiece The Tempest.
OPEN AIR THEATRE, REGENT’S PARK                                                      Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 0844 826 4242 Book on website:
The Comedy of Errors – Monday 12 July, 8pm
Shakespeare’s rollicking farce, The Comedy of Errors, makes a welcome return to the Open Air Theatre. In this merry-go-round of mistaken identity, two sets of estranged twins find themselves unwittingly wandering through the streets of the same town, where the men are jealous, the women are furious and there’s a priceless gold chain that everyone wants.
Into The Woods – Saturday 4 September, 2.30pm
Into the Woods takes the stories of the Brothers Grimm and gives them a dark and humorous twist. The popular tales of Red Riding Hood, Jack (of Beanstalk fame), Cinderella and Rapunzel are interwoven with that of the Baker and his Wife and their quest to have children. 
QUEEN’S THEATRE                                                                                       Captioned by STAGETEXT
T:  0844 482 5165 E:
Les Misérables – Saturday 13 November, 2.30pm
This stunning adaptation of Victor Hugo’s epic masterpiece sweeps its audience through an epic tale of passion and destruction against the backdrop of a nation in the grip of revolutionary turmoil. Indisputably the world’s most popular musical, Les Misérables has earned itself a unique place in musical history. Dream the dream and book now.
RICHMOND THEATRE                                                                                   Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 0871 297 5477 (Access Line) E:
Shakespeare the Man from Stratford – Friday 30 July, 7.45pm
Shakespeare is the greatest writer the world has ever known. But we know nothing about him. Or do we? In a magical tour-de-force,Simon Callow,one of Britain’s greatest actors, tracks down the real William Shakespeare, bringing to life both the man and the unforgettable characters – lovers, kings, soldiers and clowns – who have since conquered the world’s stages.
ROYAL COURT THEATRE                                                                             Captioned by STAGETEXT
T: 020 7565 5013   E: or
Sucker Punch – Tuesday 20 July, 7.30pm                                                                                              In the red corner: Leon Davidson – Black British champ or Uncle Tom?
In the blue corner: Troy Augustus – American powerhouse or naïve cash cow?
Two former friends step into the ring and face up to who they are. Sucker Punch looks back on what it was like to be young and Black in the 80s and asks if the right battles have been fought, let alone won. Age guidance 14+ 
Spur of the Moment – Thursday 12 August, 7.45pm                                                                              Pre-teen Delilah enjoys High School Musical, swim parties and ogling the lodger. Whilst her parents throw verbal grenades at one another, they barely notice their 21-year-old tenant starting to notice her.
Spur of the Moment looks at the distance between close family relations and a young girl on the brink of adolescence. It is the debut play by Anya Reiss, written when she was seventeen.
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