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News: RADAR/CSV Project

Artsline, 17 June 2010, 12:29

My name is Abdi Gas, and I am writing to let you know about an exciting new opportunity for both your organisation and young disabled people, like myself.
The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) and Community Service Volunteers (CSV) have been funded by the Young Foundation to recruit a group of 30 young aspiring disabled leaders to meet the following need:
‘A major report by Disability LIB in 2008 warned that the disability sector is facing a “crisis in leadership” and put young disabled people at the centre of it…..disabled youngsters have low aspirations and are seldom reached by…appointing leaders…disproportionately few young disabled people are leaders’
The 30 young leaders will help facilitate workshops at 3 events in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside and London.  The workshops will look at ways to break down the barriers that exist for young disabled people in becoming leaders in their local communities.  They will also look at how local disability groups can reach out to young disabled people who aren’t aware of the leadership opportunities there for them, or don’t know how to turn their aspirations into action.  Details are on the information sheet at the end of this letter.
What you can do for us: We need your help to market and spread the word.  We want as many young people and organisations as possible have the opportunity to participate.
We are looking for:
1.    Young disabled people - with curiosity, enthusiasm, dedication and drive who would like to be involved in planning and delivering this project, influence organisations and become leaders. Please get in touch with me regarding an application form: (closing date: 16th July)
2.    Local disability organisations - that would like to receive training and advice on improving the engagement of young disabled people in their organisation.
If your organisation would like to be part of this exciting opportunity, please follow this link and fill in the form. It will only take 3 minutes:
What this project will do for you and your organisation:  We will train and implement a series of key steps, set out in a robust toolkit tailor-made for the project, to engage and durably support and develop young disabled leaders. Training and resources will focus first on the opening up of opportunities which young people of different ages might find interesting and rewarding. We will also be introduced to tools for identifying, tracking and promoting leaders’ development goals.
It is exciting to think how much we will all benefit if we can inspire this rich and as yet un-tapped talent pool of future leaders.
So now, please visit and watch this videoI have produced. I’ll look forward to meeting you.  
Immense gratitude, kind regards,
Abdi Gas
Events Coordinator
12 City Forum
250 City Road
London EC1V 8AF

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