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News: Portrait Exhibition

Artsline, 4 January 2010, 21:29

We are organising an exhibition mixing artists with and without disability.
We hope to see as many people as possible.

Maybe you could come over or simply helping us by advertising  the exhibition

The theme is the Portrait. 
The title is Portrait for everyone.

The link to the website:

Mark Forbes, an accomplished artist with a learning disability who wanted the opportunity to display his art within a mainstream setting generated the idea of this exhibition. 
Mark came up with the concept of how people see themselves and others. 

This series of exhibitions will link people with and without disabilities, established and unknown, young and old. Giving each artist the chance to learn from one another and the audience to understand that how people see themselves and others may not be what they expected.

The exhibition will run at  the Bernie Grant Arts Centre from the 11th of January 2010 til the  5th of February 2010.

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