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News: "Painting in the Park"

Artsline, 18 July 2009, 15:45


Artists to show work and hold competitions for prizes


from 31 July to 2 August 

London, XX July 2009:- The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (mfpa) will be holding their annual summer event in Hyde Park where artists including Tom Yendell and Keith Jansz will meet the public to hold demonstrations of their painting techniques and invite children and families to participate in prize draws to win copies of the mfpa children’s books and puzzles.


The inspirational mfpa artists are artists who have lost the use of their hands through accident or illness, or have been born with a disability, such as children affected by the Thalidomide drug. The artists paint using their mouth or feet.


The mfpa said: “Last year’s event was very well attended and our artists had a great time interacting with the public. The association and its members rely on the income generated through the sale of the paintings to provide independence to artists living with a disability, so public relations and events are incredibly important to us.”


The mfpa provides scholarships to artists and generates income for artists to live independently. The ‘Painting in the Park’ event provides the association with an opportunity to publicise the work of its members and meet with the public to raise awareness of the mfpa and its membership.


About the mfpa


Established in 1956 by mouth painter Arnulf Erich Stegmann (1912-1984) Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (mfpa) is a self-help co-operative that provides lifetime support for physically handicapped artists. This is achieved through the organisation of a wide range of exhibitions and reproducing original artworks as art postcards and calendars etc. There are over 700 mouth or foot-painting artists in over 70 countries. Famous past members include Christy Brown (author of My Left Foot) and Elizabeth Twistington Higgins, MBE who was featured in the film The Dance Goes On.



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