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News: Learning Disability Writing Project

Artsline, 28 January 2009, 02:12

Hi there!


I am writing to you from a charty based in Glasgow, Scotland. Cosgrove Care supports adults and children with a wide range of additional support needs.


Cosgrove Care's adult creative writing group is currently involved in a piece of work based loosely on the Baz Luhrmann song Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) - you can find it on youtube should you want to listen to it!


The song is filled with advice given by an American journalist to her daughter and her high school class as they graduated,.


Cosgrove's writing group is 'collecting advice' please help us!


Please send your piece of advice back to us at:


Your advice, or top tip could be about anything... life, love, saving money, healing a broken heart, how to spread butter on cream crackers without them breaking, a skill you have, something your Mother told you, a lesson you have learned the hard way etc etc... It can be one word or a full paragraph, we'll be glad to receive it!


Please keep it clean, remember that it will be read by people with additional support needs. If you have time please also let us know briefly who and where you are!


Please copy and paste this in to a new message and send this email to anyone you know that you think will reply, it'll be great to see how far a field emails come back from!


Thank you in advance for your time!


Kind regards


Ali Stanley

Creative Projects Coordinator

Cosgrove Care

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