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News: Competition! Young Film Critic of the Year 2008

Artsline, 8 July 2008, 23:19

Young Film Critic of the Year 2008.
DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Thursday 31 July 2008.


Young people with a hearing or visual impairment have a chance to win prizes
for themselves AND their schools. And of course a chance to hold the awesome
title: Young Film Critic of the Year!

Winners will receive a Home Cinema System as well as a prize for their
school of an interactive white board.

All you need to do for a chance to win is to write, type or record your own
film review of any of this year's cinema releases. Keep it short: 250 words

There are three age categories: 7 to 11, 11 to 14, and 15 to 18. You can
enter individually, or as a school group, as many times as you like (you can
review more than one film).

Nominees in each age category will be invited to an Awards Ceremony at a
London West End cinema in October this year. Top film talent including Paul
Greengrass (Director, The Bourne Ultimatum) and Jane Goldman (Screenwriter,
Stardust) presented the 2007 awards. The winner in each age category will
receive a Yamaha Home Cinema System as well as a prize for their school of
an interactive white board and film resources.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Thursday 31 July 2008. 

How to Enter:

You can enter via the official website here:

You can also enter by video message, braile, voice message, podcast etc.
Just send your review to:
Film Education, 21-22 Poland Street, London W1F 8QQ
Tel: 020 7851 9450

You will need to include these details:
Which age category?
Junior Film Critic (7 to 11).
or Young Film Critic (15 to 19, or 11 to 14).

You will also need to include your name, age, name of school and class,
school address and phone number.
Please don't forget to indicate if you are a hearing or visually impaired

Contact Film Education:
Tel: 020 7851 9450

Full details here:
View previous winners photos here: 

Which film to review? Refresh your memory -
Recent subtitled cinema releases:

Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda, Hancock, Wanted, Sex and the City, Indiana
Jones, Incredible Hulk, The Happening, Adulthood, Gone Baby Gone, Iron Man,
Nim's Island, Speed Racer, What Happens in Vegas, Son of Rambow, 21,
Leatherheads, Flashbacks of a Fool, Fool's Gold, In Bruges, Happy Go Lucky,
Street Kings, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Game Plan, Vantage Point, The
Other Boleyn Girl, 10,000 B.C., Horton Hears a Who, The Spiderwick
Chronicles, 27 Dresses, Drillbit Taylor, Cloverfield, Penelope, Definitely
Maybe, Juno, National Treasure Book of Secrets, There Will Be Blood,
Waterhorse, Jumper, The Bucket List, Be Kind Rewind, Rambo, PS I Love You,
Charlie Wilson's War, Aliens V Predator Requiem, No Country For Old Men,
Walk Hard, Sweeney Todd, The Golden Compass, Bee Movie, Enchanted, Alvin and
the Chipmunks, I am Legend. 

Top Tips for writing the ultimate film review:

1. Write in the present tense.
For example: 'the main character of the film is called' 'when the film
starts we see'

2. Remember your audience and make it fun!
Just because you're writing a review doesn't mean it can't be fun to read.
Make it as entertaining as possible for your readers.

3. Dish the Dirt.
Don't be shy. Say exactly what you think (but say it well). Tell the reader
whether you loved or hated it - and why. The judges want to hear your
personal opinion!

4. Don't tell the story.
You only have 250 words so don't waste them telling the story. readers only
need to know the outline of the plot and a little bit about the main

5. Dust off your journalist's jotter.
If you can, take notes while you're watching the film (write down memorable
quotes, significant moments etc).

6. Make time.
The best reviews are written whilst the film is still fresh in the mind, so
do try to get your ideas down as soon as possible after seeing the film.
Don't forget to re-read your review, edit it, then write/ type up a finished
version and send it with the form you can download here:

7. No cheating!
Make sure your work is original and not copied from another source in any
way. The ruthless team of judges can spot copied work a mile off!

8. Meet your deadline.
Even the most famous and best paid film critics in the world have to get
their reviews done on time so don't forget your deadline!

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Thursday 31 July 2008.

Good Luck!

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