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News: RNIB and Music by Ear

Artsline, 17 June 2008, 00:36

We have been notified by RNIB that these 1,000 instructional CDs are not yet available for loan as it will take some time for the collection to be catalogued. They will become available for loan gradually as titles are added to the catalogue. You can check availability with Megan Chivers, Music Librarian at RNIB National Library Service by email at Alternatively, you can check the RNIB Library Catalogue at

Please also note that these CDs are not available for sale from RNIB. If you desire to purchase any of these products please feel free to contact us at We are sorry for any confusion concerning our previous email.
Musically Yours,




This is to inform you that the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) has just received over 1,000 CDs of Bill Brown's "Intro to" courses, "Guitar by Ear", and "Piano by Ear" music instructional lessons.


    The "Intro to" courses teach the basics of a particular instrument using no written or Braille notation. These courses are taught totally "by ear" and are suitable for absolute beginners.


    The "Guitar by Ear" and "Piano by Ear" lessons are individual CD's that teach an entire song all the way through using no written or Braille notation. These are suitable for those who have taken the "Intro" courses mentioned above or who already have basic skills on the piano or guitar.


     To contact the RNIB regarding their product acquisition, go to


    To request products or information from RNIB contact James Risdon at


    To find out more about all of Bill Brown's "Intro to" and "by Ear" items go to


  Musically Yours,
























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