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Event: Sand In My Eyes: Sudanese Moments

Brunei Gallery, SOAS

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Title Sand In My Eyes: Sudanese Moments
Type of event Exhibition
Dates 15 January 2016 - 19 March 2016
Time 10:30
Description The photographer and author Enikö Nagy has spent several years collecting everyday moments - in photography and spoken word - from over 45 tribes and ethnic groups across 30,000km of Sudan in some of the hardest-to-access regions of the world to produce the English-Arabic bilingual poetic picture book Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments, that this exhibition is drawn from.

Presenting very different images to those one might expect from Sudan this exhibition is taken from the over 26,000 photos, and 2,500 pieces of oral proverbs, legends, myths, poetry and songs Enikö has collected. Reclaiming the narrative about Sudan, the epic journey provides an intimate look into a people and the human experience.

Venue Information

Name Brunei Gallery, SOAS
Address Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
Telephone 020 7898 4915
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